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Original 17th Century Rangda Ritual Ivory Handle Kris Dagger from Island of Bali

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is by far the oldest and most compelling East Indian KRIS waved blade dagger we have ever had. It has a Fabulous long watered steel blade with beautiful undulations of over 18" in length, along with a studded collar known as a "mendak", which has a set of six inset get, a couple of
which are missing, located between the blade and hilt.

The hilt of this kris is an exquisitely carved Ivory likeness of the Witch Goddess Rangda, who is the embodiment of black magic in the mythology of the Island of BALI. She is typically depicted as such,  with matted hair and large tusks. In ritual dances on the Island, Rangda has the power to cause people to harm themselves, which would result in them stabbing themselves with their Kris Daggers. Her main adversary is Barong, the village protector, and the battle between the two is depicted in the Calonarang dance, The Battle between Good and Evil.

The bade made of laminated iron/steel has been magnificently worked to very exacting standards showing great character. Probably the most compelling Kris we've ever had.

Overall length almost 24". Ready to display.

History of the Kris Dagger:

The East Indies are now made up of what is today Malaysia and Indonesia which are in fact hundreds of small islands and each Island had its own Kris traditions making the subject of these amazing daggers with their "wavy" blades so compelling. Hand beaten blades resulting in elaborate grain patterns and decorations each original 19th century Kris has a story of its own.

Much copied today for the tourist trade, the modern examples do not compare to these original antique daggers. From the Island of Bali this Kris comes with the custom original scabbard the front of which is inlaid with two panels of ebony matching the wood of the hilt. Offered in fine condition, circa 1850, and ready to display.

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