Original 17th Century Polish Spiked War Hammer - circa 1680

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This interesting spiked war hammer dates close to the Siege of Vienna by the Ottoman Empire. At the time all of Europe was very concerned with this Middle-Eastern Scourge. Poland, one of the most over run Countries in European History, has been fighting for its existence since time began it seems. The Mongol hordes of the 14th and 15th Centuries, the Russians, the Ottomans, the Germans and even the French in 1812.

Here we have a classic example of the Polish Spiked War Hammer, with the the hammer head divided into four prongs for increased damage. The other (back) side is formed into a wicked spike. The spike bears a deeply impressed Armorer's Mark looking something like an Iron Cross. The 24 inch long haft is all steel, with the top half bound in leather. On one side of the head there is a hammered steel 4" belt loop allowing the Cavalryman to use both hands for guiding his horse. The warhead measures 9 1/2" from front to back and overall this is a terrifying weapon.

Clearly hand made and ready for use this makes a great display item even after 300 years.

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