Original 17th Century Pair of Italian Flintlock Pistols made in Brescia circa 1695 - Maker Marked

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Original Items: One Set Only. This is a very fine Italian-Made set of Gentleman's Pistols complete with "belt hooks," possibly for use at Sea. The carved Iron mounts include Grotesque Mask eared Butt Caps, polished iron triggerguards with Grotesque Masks on the "bows," and early banana-shaped Flintlock mechanisms, with Grotesque Masks on the hammer screw heads.

Overall 17" in length with 10 7/8" barrels, the tangs of which are secured with screws arising from under the trigger guards, a very good indicator of early production.  They have openwork fretted side plates, again with the "monster motif" beneath 5" belt hooks for easy carriage at sea or elsewhere.

Not unusually the barrels are signed by the Barrel Maker PIETRO DAFINO and the locks by the Lock Maker FRANCO BETONI, both recorded Brescian Gunsmiths of the period.(See DER NEUE STØCKEL by Eugene Heer). Such was the degree of specialization in the Brescian firearms trade of the time.

This matched set is in excellent condition, with the beautiful look of well cared for antique firearms. The stocks are made of lovely brown hardwood, with a good amount of figuring, and clear grain.

A Classic early pair of Brescian Flintlock Pistols dating from around 1695.


Year of Manufacture: circa 1695
Caliber: .50 inches
Ammunition Type: lead ball and powder
Barrel Length: 10 7/8 inches
Overall Length: 17 inches

Action: Side Action Flintlock
Feed System: Muzzle-Loaded

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