Original 17th Century French Silver Mounted Plug Bayonet Dagger with Reversible Ivory Handle - Circa 1690

Item Description

Original item: One of a kind. Coming from right out of the woodwork in Europe, Plug Bayonet Daggers like this are fantastic items, as well as being quite rare. This example dates to around 1690 and was made when the SUN KING, King Louis XIV was on the throne of France. It is Ivory gripped with Silver mounts, with a threaded tang that allows the grip to be "REVERSED", turning the Bayonet into a Dagger. The tapered single edged blade is 12 3/4" in length, with the hilt making it 19" in overall length. Thew blade shows ancient rust staining but no chips and still carries quite a sharp edge.

Intended for Sporting use, a plug bayonet was designed to have its hilt inserted into the muzzle of the "fired" musket, turning it into a Pike to defend against a wounded and irate wild Boar, or to defend against attack from a horseman. In its capacity as a Dagger it is perfect, with a large pommel to rear assuring its owner a secure grip on the weapon.

The Ivory hilt is decorated with four engraved Silver Ovals and a Silver mount between the blade and the reversed grip. Showing a great patina of age, this is really a beautiful edged weapon from the time of the Sun King of France, LOUIS XIV.

Fully cleaned and ready to display.

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