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Original 17th Century European Iron Crossbow of Possible German Origin c.1660-1680

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is all iron/steel, even the bow itself. It has a lightly decorated wood cheek piece inlaid with a circular section of engraved Mother of pearl. The mother pearl is engraved with a Squirrel and a part of the circular inlay has been broken away. This cheek piece is very reminiscent of a Wheel lock Rifle butt. The Cat gut bow string is not longer present and was always stored separately when not in actual use.

There is a matchlock type trigger assembly of a backward leaning wire that when the knob in front of it is compressed the weapon would discharge it's bolt/arrow. On the top of the action so to speak is a large lever bearing an ARMORER'S MARK that hinges up allowing a claw to slide forward to engage the Bow String. On compressing the lever back down the claw draws back the bow string in a "cocked" position.

Unfortunately the linkage between the claw assembly and the trigger is absent, but all the holes are present and the parts could probably be replicated after some thought. All the metal iron work is rust stained and slightly pitted, since this is probably 350 years old. Completely original and a fine early item that came home with a returning G.I, after WWII.

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