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Original 16 Bore Prussian D.B. Needle Fire Shotgun by F. V. DREYSE SÖMMERDA Converted to Center Fire - Circa 1870

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Original Item: Only One Available. This is a fascinating antique firearm. It stated life as a high quality Double Barrel 16 bore shotgun using the needle fire system developed by F.V. Dreyse of Sommerda whose Needle fire rifle was used by the Prussian army from the 1840s until 1871.

Features sighted barrels signed on the rib and opened by an engraved case-hardened rotary underlever, inlaid with a pair of silver lines and silver scrollwork on the breeches, engraved numbered tang, figured walnut full stock, raised cheek-piece, chequered grip, engraved case-hardened butt-plate, scrolling horn trigger-guard, and a pair of steel sling swivels.

This weapon was commercially made bearing the makers name in silver on the top barrel rib and has a horn trigger guard. The butt stock has a wood cheek piece onto that is still mounted with the original leather cheek pad.

The engraved action operates with a folding lever under the fore end that, when moved to the side, opens the breech turning the barrels to the left allowing easy loading of ammunition. Once loaded returning the lever to the original position it replaces the barrels and closes the breech.

The gun is cocked by pushing the rear bolt system forward which brings the needles or now firing pins under tension and the weapon is ready to be discharged. As a Needle fire paper cartridges were used however once this was converted to center fire the gun is able to accept regular 16 bore shotgun shells.

German gunsmith Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse beginning in 1824, after conducted multiple experiments in 1836 produced the first complete needle fire gun.

Offered in truly excellent collector's condition, having been in one man's collection for a generation. A fine middle 19th century high quality German DB shotgun still in very good condition and able to use standard ammunition.

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