Original 10 bore Double Barrel "Attic Find" Percussion Shotgun for the U.S. Frontier Market - circa 1850

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. If you were looking for a very nice mid 19th century shotgun to hand on the wall, this may be exactly what you are looking for! This is a typical double barrel percussion shotgun made for the United States market, in the very large 10 bore size. It is in "Attic find" condition, with quite a bit of wear, which has removed all markings on the lock plates and barrel. The barrel wedge is seized, so we cannot check under the barrel for markings.

These were made in both the United States as well as in Europe, usually in Belgium to satisfy the need for "Frontier" weapons, which was big business in the 1850s. Domestic production could not keep up with the demand, so shotguns were imported in some quantities from Europe. Without any markings, it is impossible to tell where it was made.

The shotgun features all iron mounts, and has an overall length of 51 inches, with double 35 inch spiral forged barrels. The lock plates originally look to have had some nice engraving, but that is now worn away. The stock also was once checkered, which has been worn smooth. The metalwork is well patinated, with light surface rust specking throughout. The locks amazingly still both function, and hold correctly at half cock, though the right trigger sometimes slides past the sear, and has to be manually moved forward again. There is a ramrod under the barrel, but it definitely looks to be a working life replacement.

A typical aged example of what many Americans carried on the frontier, ready to hang on the wall and display!


Year of Manufacture: circa 1850
Caliber: 19.69mm = 10 gauge / bore
Cartridge Type: Cap and Powder with Shot
Barrel Length: 35 Inches

Overall Length: 51 Inches
Action type: Back Action Percussion Locks
Feed System: Muzzle Loaded

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