Origina German WWII Czech ZB30J LMG Parts Set

Item Description

Original Item: Considered by many to be the best LMG of WW2. Manufactured in Pre-War Czechoslovakia this was one of the finest Light Machine Guns ever produced, in fact the ZB 26 followed by the ZB30 were the forerunners of the legendary British Bren Gun. These guns were imported in the early 1990s and were TRULY "just found in a storage pallet in the warehouse". IMA can now offer a VERY LIMITED offering of Original WW2 era 8mm (German) Czech ZB30J Machine Gun Part Sets, each with a live detachable finned Barrel Assembly and an original BATFE approved flame cut receiver.

Overall beautiful condition parts, each set comes complete with:

Live Barrel

Flame Cut Receiver

Adjustable Bipod

Gas Tube

Wood Butt Stock with cup buttplate and shoulder rest

Trigger Assembly

Magazine (where permitted)

All small parts as shown in photographs

This is your last chance to own one of the very best WWII LMGs ever designed, very few sets available.

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