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Original Brunswick P-1837 type Percussion Two Groove Rifle- Untouched Parts Gun

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Original Item: ALL SALES FINAL; no returns, refunds or exchanges.

The first British Percussion Military Rifle to succeed the famous BAKER Flintlock Rifle of the Napoleonic era was originally intended to have eleven-groove rifling. However, this Hanovarian design was rejected in favor of what became the standard Two Groove "Belted Ball" .704 Cal. rifle, a design copied from the military of the Duke of Brunswick, a German cousin of Queen Victoria. These "Brunswicks" were issued exclusively to the British Home Army and the Indian Army rifle regiments. India at the time was under the authority of the Honorable East India Company and these percussion rifles were used to great effect in Britain's expanding Colonial empire. Originally adopted in 1837 using a back action percussion system, this was updated in 1847 to a percussion side lock system, and then surpassed in 1853 with the adoption of the p-1853 Percussion Rifled Musket, which became the standard for the entire British Military. Our Brunswick rifles date from the earlier back action design. That design included the following when they were originally issued: 30' 2 groove rifled barrel, back action percussion lock, full stocked wood stock mounted with all brass furniture including trigger guard, butt plate, ram rod pipes and brass patch box in the butt, flip rear sight, and heavy steel bayonet bar on the right side of the barrel to carry a brass-hilted sword bayonet. An important part of British Colonial History, this classic Brunswick p-1837 percussion rifle saw service throughout the empire scabbard available).

We call these HALF RIFLES or PARTS GUNS because that's just what they are, all the butts and various other parts are gone, blown off in combat if you like. We repeat, however, these remains are genuine remains and date from the mid-1800s.

We have had many requests to sell these incomplete, broken, battlefield pickup rifles so that they can be stripped down, used for parts, rebuilt, etc... Well, we listened, and have just a few of these available.

Each Rifle is offered totally AS IS condition, completely un-cleaned, incomplete and un-refurbished. The only service performed has been to ensure none are still loaded! Totally covered and caked with dried on grease, dirt and rust, these can be displayed as found or be the subject of winter nights of TLC to restore them to their former glory. All appear to be roughly 50-75% complete but no guarantees as to what use or damage may be found after more than 150 years of neglect and storage. These are the typical detailed photographs but no two will be alike. This is a very rare opportunity to own a significant piece of military history that greatly affected wars on three continents at a very special discounted price.

The only parts that we will guarantee you will receive are:

- Barrel

- Lock Plate (may be detached)

- Hammer (may be detached)

- All other parts are luck of the draw.

The photographs on www.ima-usa.com represent typical examples of what you can expect to receive.

Feel free to request a part that you need but please do not purchase this ?PARTS GUN? if you are not prepared to risk that you might not get it. Again do not purchase this gun if you are not prepared to lose the purchase price and shipping cost as ALL SALES ARE FINAL. A VERY LIMITED SUPPLY.

Manufactured before 1898 and therefore no Firearms License or Permit of any kind are required to purchase this incredible piece of history, it can ship to anywhere in the USA and most countries across the globe.

NOTE: International orders of antique firearms MUST be shipped using UPS WW Services (courier). USPS Priority Mail international will not accept these.

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