Napoleonic Era British Empire Bronze Cannon Unrestored Circa 1775-1800

Item Description

Original Item: Out of the Nepalese Royal Armory!  Massive bronze smoothbore barrel 45" overall with 3 1/2" Trunnions and 10 1/2" width at Trunnion Shoulders. Approximately 12lb with 4 3/4" bore. A classic bronze barrel of this period.


Offered on late 18th /early 19th century classic British oak Carriage with twin bracket trail beautifully reinforced with fretted strap work. The Carriage showing age and wear with a degree of wood loss due to decomposition comes with studded iron bound wheels 54", with an overall length of 120" and width of 61". Each Wheel is constructed using 6 piece steel tires each secured by 4 studs and 6 reinforcing plates at joint; a technique typical of the eighteenth century.


This really is the Classic British Cannon of the Revolutionary/Napoleonic period that saw much service in Britain's Colonial expansion.


This particular Cannon converted from Muzzle Loading to Breech loading around 1895 for Fortress defense most on the Northwest Frontier. Intended for use as a quick firing Canister weapon the British War Office were concerned of mass attacks by native warriors overwhelming scantily manned outposts of the Empire. Using a single motion brass and steel breechblock with interrupted thread these conversions were an expedient stop gap until more modern weapons become available. Although documented in British Archives very few examples of these breech loading conversions of much earlier bronze cannons exist today. 


Although this could possibly have been the original carriage for this barrel when in it's muzzle loading life since conversion the rear of the back end of the tube has been modified with a breech conversion somewhat shortening the overall original length resulting in the elevation gear no longer lining up with the repositioned rear attachment point. As a result the original elevating gear is not present perhaps having been replaced by a modified system, also absent.


This is an opportunity to own an extremely rare late 18th/early 19th century massive bronze British Empire cannon later converted to breech loading with an original oak carriage and wheels of classic design in an as yet un-restored condition.


Overall cannon and carriage weight is nearly 1000lbs. More pictures available. All writing on cannon is wax pencil and easily removed.


Offered ex New Jersey or we can arrange truck freight Collect.


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