MG 42 Tripod Wartime Conversion of Danish Madsen Mount

Item Description

Original Item: The Danish Madsen Light Machine Gun originating in WW1 was considered one of the best Light Machine Guns of WW2. It has an ugly attractiveness that didn't deter the NSDAPs from pressing these weapons into service, especially on the Eastern Front, after the subsequent fall and occupation of Denmark in 1940. We have Original Danish Madsen LMG Tripods, which we were found in Portugal in the 1970?s together with 7.92 mm Madsen MGs, however, these particular tripods no longer accepted the standard Madsen Gun. After much research, it turns out, that these were modified for use with the German WW2 LMG model MG 42. Much lighter and more friendly for the infantryman than other mounts, these Madsen/MG 42 tripods must have been a true blessing. These also work with the Post War Yugoslavian M-53 (MG 42 clone) and of course the postwar conversions of the MG 42 which were designated the MG1 and later manufactured as the MG3.Interestingly the butt has to be removed or at least swiveled 90 degrees for the MG 42 sights to be operable. An extremely interesting MG Conversion/Development underlining again the old saying of "Need is the Mother of Invention". Mount only, display gun not included.

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