Medieval Knight Mace & Chain

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New Made Item: Also known as a Morning Start these reproductions were made in the early 1990s making them almost "antiques" already. Features include: a leather gripped wood 22" shaft with iron tip, 12 inches of stout chain, attached to an iron 2.5" iron ball studded with .75" spikes!

Who remembers the movie "Ivanhoe" starring Robert Taylor made in 1952 based on Sir Walter Scott's novel about an errant knight, not dissimilar to Robin Hood, at the time of King Richard the Lion Heart (ruled 1189-1199)? In the final showdown between Ivanhoe and De Bois-Guilbert, wonderfully played by George Saunders, the bad guy chooses "the mace and chain" leaving our poor hero, Ivanhoe, only the Axe. There followed a terrific battle both on horse and on foot that climaxes with Ivanhoe on the ground, his shield torn away and De Bois-Guibert, still mounted, bearing down with his vicious mace and chain for the final blow. At the last minute our hero uses the shaft of his Axe to snare his opponent's chain, drags him to the ground and dispatches him! To the huge applause of all those distressed damsels! That's when I dropped my ice cream!...well I was only seven years old at the time, but it seems like just last week.

So now after all these years IMA has obtained a few reproduction examples of De Bois-Guilbert's "Mace and chain". Sold as a Movie/Collector's item only (not for use!) these are hugely impressive. From a period in history of Knights in Armor and Damsels in Distress this is a real mood setter for all you potential Knights. No sales in NJ.

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