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Maxim M-1910 Machine Gun Parts Set with Sokolov Mount: Russian Fluted

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Original Item: Russian M-1910 Maxim machine gun parts set, including all parts other than receiver sideplates or mount. What a find! Original Russian made M-1910 Maxim machine guns in 7.62mm x 54mm caliber. These weapons were discovered in Finland where they had been stored in military arsenals since they were captured by the Finns, who were allied with the NSDAPs in WWII. Full fluted water jackets and magnificent wheeled "Sokolov" mounts reminiscent of "Dr. Zhivago". (48 states). Not assembled, no plates, Fluted parts set with SOKOLOV mount combination (48 states) note: the piano shaped lock box on mount is available only with special select. Note: PARTS SET ONLY- does not come assembled.

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