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Maxim Imperial Russian M-1905/10 Smooth Jacket Display Machine Gun with Brass Sokolv Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Very Few Only. One of the very rare earliest variations of Hiram Maxim's Russian Water Cooled Machineguns introduced at the later half of 1905. Known by its smooth water jacket constructed from steel with brass facings, and called the M-1905/1910 model, which superceded the M-1905 massively heavy and expensive all brass water jacket, only made during the first year of production. As these weapons were always painted modern Collector's did not discover this steel/brass variety until the release of captured Russian Maxim Guns from Finland in 1996.

This "Steel and Brass" model was itself superceded in 1910 by the introduction of the far lighter "fluted" steel Jacket Model which was under production up until 1943 after which a "Snow Filler Cap" was added to the top of the Water Jacket.

Each of our M-1905/1910 Maxim Guns has been painstakingly rebuilt into Inert Display Status using all original parts on new made display side plates converting these WW1 era machineguns into true museum quality pieces.

Complete with the large early back sight, opening top cover and moveable (but inert) internals. Each Maxim comes on it's original partly brass (under the paint) very heavy wheeled Soklov mount which itself was replaced in WW1 by a lighter all steel version.

Very decorative, very historical from a "Fallen Imperial Empire" and will polish up to be everyman's fantasy; straight out of *Dr. Zivago?! *Movie Trivia: Because of the rarity of the early Russian Maxim Guns during the Cold War the Maxim Guns shown in "Dr. Zivago" are in fact British Vickers Guns! Yes, yet another illusion shattered!

Approximate Dimensions:

Length (mounted): 56"

Width (mounted): 24"

Height (mounted): 23"

Note: The piano shaped lock box on mount is available for an additional $100 see optional selection.

BATF approved design, Completely Non-Functional, No license required, not available for export.

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