Maixm M-1905/10 Display Machine Gun: Pre-WWI Dated: One of a Kind

Item Description

Original Item: One Only! One of the rarest of all Russian Maxims is this transitional model designated the M.1905/10. These were introduced to replace the all Brass jacketed M.1905 model which was extremely heavy and costly to manufacture. The M.1905/10 has a substantial smooth steel jacket with brass faceplate as on the earliest models. The feed block and spade grip assemblies are also constructed of steel (not brass) just like the later M.1910s. The M-1910 however has the common light corrugated steel water jackets and only in 1943 they stated to issue them with the Tractor Filler Caps on top of the jackets. Not only does it have the early Brass Faceplate but has the early predominately BRASS Sokolov Mount with wooden wheels of the pre WW1 days. This mount still retains its early piano shaped "Spare Lock Box" which, in itself, is very hard to find undamaged.

This particular weapon was found in Finland where is had been, most likely, supplied by Austria in a shipment of just 50 captured Russian Maxim Guns delivered in 1919. Bearing a Finish inventory and arsenal marking of Korj.3/43 on the top cover The Fussee Spring Cover retains its original IMPERIAL DOUBLE HEADED EAGLE CREST, surrounded by Russian script and the Date of 1912. A really great rare early Display Imperial Russian M-1905/10 Water Cooled Maxim Machine Gun not often encountered

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