M1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun With Dummy Receiver and Internal Parts

Item Description

Original Item: U. S. M1928A1 Thompson Submachine Gun in standard U.S. configuration with dummy aluminum receiver manufactured on CNC machines. The parts used to complete the display gun are all original U.S. issue in excellent condition. The barrel is finned and is equipped with an original Cutts compensator, lavishly marked with Cutts and Auto Ordnance trademark information. The grip frame has an Auto Ordnance (AO) serial number.

Unlike many display Thompsons, this example has an original Lyman adjustable rear sight in unissued condition, which alone sells for over $200.00. In addition, it comes with a complete set of internal parts in unused condition, including the bolt assembly, H piece, actuator with grooved handle, recoil spring, buffer, recoil spring guide, and the breech oiler.

The gun is supplied a Type XX 20-round box magazine.

BATF approved design, Completely Non-Functional, No license required, not available for export.

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