M1928A1 Dummy Thompson Submachine Gun in British Configuration

Item Description

Original Item: This is a high-end display piece consisting of a set of premium-grade unissued M1928A1 parts assembled on a beautifully reproduced solid aluminum receiver. It has been built with an original stock from a Lend-Lease Thompson and a replica vertical foregrip to provide a piece in the British WW2 configuration.

The British found themselves involved in WW2 long before the U.S., and needed all types of small arms. As a consequence, they became the first large purchaser of the Thompson, including guns with both vertical and horizontal fore grips. They modified the butt stocks slightly by moving the swivel to the top and added a swivel to the side of the vertical fore grip. If the gun had a horizontal fore grip, the swivel was moved to the side. This allowed the gun to be fired with the sling around the neck, as is nearly universal with assault rifles today. They also modified the butt trap to accommodate the British pull through, and strengthened the front of the butt stock with two screws.

The parts involved are in unissued mint condition, and include a finned barrel with correct Cutts compensator. The rear sight is an original Lyman adjustable rear sight, also in mint unissued condition. The sight alone normally sells for over $200. . In addition, it comes with a complete set of internal parts in unused condition (bolt, rare actuator with milled cocking knob, H piece, recoil spring, buffer and recoil spring rod, and bolt oiler assembly).

The gun is supplied with an original Type XX 20-round box magazine. From a private collection. One only.

BATF approved design, completely non-functional, no license required, not available for export.

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