Japanese WWII type Twin 13.2mm Hotchkiss Machine Gun on Rotating Deck Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Talk about the WOW factor! This is the entire works. Two 13.2mm pre-WWII French manufactured Hotchkiss heavy machine guns complete with spade grips mounted on original large twin mount that rotated and elevated by the turning of various hand wheels by the operator/gunner.

Complete with sophisticated Anti-Aircraft Sight, which has its own transit chest. The Set also includes an original box of eight very large 13.2mm magazines each with the Hotchkiss Logo on bottom plate, plus a magazine in each weapon, ten magazines total. The twin matched Machine Guns each cock from exterior side, Right and Left, and have massive totally finned barrels, the fins increasing in size towards the rear, made even more ferocious by the large trumpet flash hiders correctly installed.

Purchased in quantity prior to WW2 by the Japanese Military from the French Manufacturer Hotchkiss these weapons had a devastating effect on Allied Aircraft once the War in the Pacific commenced.

These mounts were almost certainly used on ships, or possibly in land fortifications. The huge and heavy cast iron rotating mount carries the twin gun mount, trays for magazines chests and AA Sight Chests. There is also a provision for a seat, similar to a tractor seat on a single pole, where the Gunner sat while operating the weapon. The seat and pole stand are absent but could easily be replaced and fitted into the post opening which is still present for this purpose.

Offered as a magnificent WWII Pacific Theater Display piece which would be the center of any WW2 Japanese collection. Possibly an item never offered before on the collector's market, this set is exceptionally rare (Mount is Serial #2!) making this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Due to weight this item would have to be delivered by Truck, freight costs are included in the price for delivery within the 48 states. Both 13.2mm Machine Guns have been carefully reconstructed from parts sets and demilled receivers in strict adherence to BATF specifications making these totally inert and incapable of being returned to shooting condition.

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