Japanese WW2 Type 91 Hand Grenade

Item Description

New Made Item: This is a SUPERB four piece resin replica of the Japanese Type 91 Hand Grenade, it might be resin but it feels and looks like metal! Amazing. The type 91 was a versatile grenade. It could be fired from the 50mm "Knee Mortar", used as a spigot launched grenade, or used as a standard hand grenade. It had a seven second delay, which was necessary for its role as a projected munition. The threaded socket in the bottom of the body is for attachment of an auxiliary propellant increment for mortar use, or a finned tailboom assembly could be used to convert the T91 to a rifle grenade.

Our replica is cast from a silicon mold of an original de-milled WW2 grenade to exacting precision, it has all the detail of the original. One piece body, independent screw off fuse top, booster, metal pin and rope pull cord. Excellent alternative to carrying an expensive original into the field, or add it to your WW2 collection as valued display piece. Color is grey resin and finished with a coating of graphite to provide that authentic metal sheen. The naked eye won?t be able to tell the difference. Totally inert and cannot be converted to an explosive device.

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