Japanese WW2 Model 89 Knee Mortar Round

Item Description

New Made Item: This is a solid resin Model 89, 50mm Japanese mortar round. This sturdy resin round is cast in one piece with a handmade metal pin and fiber pull cord. Designed from a silicone mold of an original so it holds all of the correct detail and proportion. Constructed of all black resin, with metallic filler, which will easily hold paint, if you desire increased authenticity. The Japanese Model 89 Knee Mortar was designed to lean against a log, rock, or the like with the barrel at approximately 45 degrees. Range was adjusted by changing a variable chamber space within the weapon. It could also be used for direct fire by placing the base against a vertical surface such as a tree or wall. Allied soldiers initially thought the base of the mortar was to be placed on the knee and fired. This theory resulted in a number of fractured legs, until word passed along the front lines about its intended mode of operation. Original M89 inert rounds are very hard to find on the market today, but our resin alternative will give you the look and feel to complete any Japanese WW2 collection for a fraction of the cost! Totally inert, cannot be converted into a destructive device. Mortar round only, knee mortar photographed is for reference only it is not included.

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