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Italian WWII Carcano Ammunition Pouch

Item Description

Original Item: WW2 Italian Army ammunition pouch for the M1891 (M91) family of rifles and carbines. The basic ammunition load for an Italian soldier during WWII was 98 rounds, 36 of which were carried in this Ammunition Pouch, centered on the waist belt. Each pocket holds three six-round clips for either the 6.5 or 7.35-mm Carcano rifles or carbines.

The beauty of this item is that, more than any other ammunition pouch from that era, it works very well today to carry ammunition or any other small items on plinking or hiking expeditions. Made of quite fashionable gray-green leather, Ours look nearly unissued, for the most part, however, each is dusty and a little dry from long storage.

Here is a truly historical artifact that you can put to practical use at an economical price. (A little Neat’s Foot Oil will restore the original suppleness of the leather. The M1907 belt/sling is not included.)

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