Indo-Persian Kula Kud War Helmet with Tulwar Sword & Dhal Shield

Item Description

Original Item: One of a kind, only one set available. This set comes from IMA's 2003 purchase of the old palace armory of Lagan Silikhana in Katmandu, Nepal. Long before the British arrived in India the Muslim Mogul Emperors, having originated from Persia (today's Iran), waged wars with the Gurkha mountain kingdom of Nepal. Many of the tools of war were left behind, exchanged, traded and sold. Jumping ahead to 1813, Gurkha armies then invaded British India and after their final defeat came under British Influence in December 1816 with the Treaty of Seguli. The "Nepal cache" as it has become known, uncovered many incredibly rare items including the set offered here:

- An 18th century Kula Kud War Helmet of plain bowl with chain mail coif incorporating a triangular face opening with cover and plume holder to top.

- A high quality Tulwar sword featuring a steel hilt inlaid with beautiful brass/copper/gold flower designs complete with early heavy curved blade and blood gutters.

- Lastly a traditional Indo-Persian Dhal circular shield made from Rhino hide complete with four front escutcheons and sturdy rear handgrips.All three items were found together in an ancient decaying weaved basket in the uppermost floor of the armory. These are dirty and rusted, but come with fine provenance, and should clean up to make a breathtaking display.

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