Imperial German WWI Reproduction Regimental Beer Stein - Cavalry

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New Made Item: Circa 1970. Perhaps no other collectible is so shrouded in myth, misinformation and mistaken identity as German regimental steins. These pieces have been steadily reproduced since the 1960s and most experts agree reproductions far outnumber authentic examples. Yet few buyers other than stein specialists know how to identify the fakes.

The majority of authentic German regimental beer steins were produced between about 1890 and 1914. During this time, military service was compulsory in Germany. Most men would take basic training between 17 and 20 and then enter the reserves until age 40. A group of men would enter a unit together, stay in the same unit for training and be discharged as a unit. This sense of togetherness fostered the custom of buying souvenirs with the unit name, insignias and decorations as a keepsake of military service. Many souvenir items were available such as pipes, clocks, flasks and especially steins. Rosters of names from your unit, or regiment, could be added to the steins and these became known to collectors as "regimental steins."

Authentic ca. 1890-1914 steins were available in pottery, porcelain, glass and metal. Regardless of what the stein was made of, almost all had pewter lids. The most common sizes are half-liter and one-liter. The beginning of WW I effectively ended the production of regimental steins as labor and materials were diverted to the war.

This is a very high quality reproduction beer stein from the 1970s. It features a lithophane of a man in uniform. You look inside the stein while holding the base up to a light. Many original porcelain steins and almost all reproduction porcelain steins have a lithophane in the base. Also a pewter lid with the imperial lion and a glass diamond to the top.

It reads around the top the stein:

Wertreugedient hasteten Bert, dem seiem volles Glas gewerht

The base is named to Logan Beinrucker and dated 1901/02.

While it is a reproduction it is of very high quality and is a very nice looking piece to add to an Imperial German collection at the fraction of the cost of a genuine stein.

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