Imperial German WWI Atwood Production Naval Dagger by E. & F. Hörster

Item Description

Only One Available. Major Jim Atwood was one of the pioneers of Third Reich dagger collecting. During the 1950's while stationed in Germany he would travel to the blade making region of Solingen buying up daggers and surplus unused stocks of dagger parts. From these parts he constructed many daggers. Some were conventional "parts daggers" but others were made up with the addition of newly made parts. Jim Atwood was a true pioneer in the hobby of Third Reich Dagger collecting. No true reference book was available when he wrote his in 1962. It was the only reference where information concerning the origin of the daggers and the companies that manufactured them which also identified some of the many daggers types for the first time.

This particular example of a Imperial German First World War Naval Dagger with Hammered Scabbard by E. & F. Hörster is an original Atwood production and is comprised of mostly post war produced parts. The blade appears to be post war but is marked with the E. & F. Hörster maker logo. The dagger itself is really very convincing and will certainly fool an untrained eye.
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