Imperial German Army Pre-WWII Flag Dated 1898

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. This spectacular item was recently received from a prominent collector located in the southern United States.

This hand painted flag measures 57" wide by 48" tall, mounted in an aluminum plexi glass frame, is of the Imperial German Spread Eagle in a cold circle under a crown with blue ribbon banner that reads "Krieger Verein Dorndorf" and literally translates to "Warrior Society Dorndorf". In Altdeutsch (Old German) this term was used for what today would be called a Veteran's Society (today Veteranen- or Soldatenverein). All enclosed by a laurel wreath laid upon the Black, White and Red National Flag Colors. Despite being framed and encased the original gold fringe is still visible on the flags leading edge.

Amazing that this most impressive German Military Flag has survived over 110 years and two World Wars it is undoubtedly one of the most striking and beautiful military flags ever to have been

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