German ZB26/30(t) WW2 Display LMG (Czech) w/ Transit Chest & Accessories

Item Description

Original Item: Considered by many to be the best LMG of WW2. Manufactured in Pre-War Czechoslovakia this was one of the finest Light Machine Guns ever produced, in fact the ZB 26 followed by the ZB 30 were the forerunners of the legendary British Bren Gun. These guns were imported in the early 1990s and were TRULY "just found in a storage pallet in the warehouse". IMA can now offer a VERY LIMITED offering of Original WW2 era Czech ZB26/30 Display Machine Guns, each fitted with a live detachable finned Barrel Assembly. Reconstructed using original BATFE approved de-milled receiver parts rendering this a totally inert non-firing display Light Machine Gun that was widely used by the Germans in WW2 and is perfect for any WW2 Collection. Beautiful condition parts and best of all, preserving the detachable barrel in excellent live condition. Each Display weapon comes, as photographed with Adjustable Bipod, magazine and Cup Buttplate with Shoulder Rest of the very early war years. Originally made like a sewing machine, using top quality pre war craftsmanship. As an added bonus you get the ultimate accessory package for one of NSDAP Germany's finest WW2 Light Machine Guns. This is what is also included with the display gun:

• An Original ZB 30 hinged wood transit chest with closing clasps, rope handles on ends may or may not be in place, O/D painted finish and possibly some repairs to case or internal compartments for storage of weapon and accessories.
• Canvas and Leather Barrel Carrier.
• Canvas and Leather Gun Cover.
• Correct ZB 26/30 Magazine Loader.
• Canvas and Leather Carry Case for Spare Magazines (1 magazine included, more available for purchase separately).
• Armorer's Canvas and Leather Tool Roll with: A Blank Firing Attachment, 2 Brass Oil/Solvent Bottles, 2 different take down/service combination tools, a broken Shell Extractor, various cleaning brushes and a three part Cleaning Rod.

Some items could possibly have WW2 NSDAP markings, but DO NOT depend on it, customers have told us they've found them and we have seen them BUT these sets are all pre-packed and it is luck of the draw. We just cannot get into to opening and inspecting them all, sorry. These models were issued to the German WW2 Armed Forces after the "annexation" of Czechoslovakia in 1938.

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