German WWII type Pertrix Flashlight

Item Description

Original Item: In the 1930’s and 1940’s, the towns and roads were not nearly as well lit as they are today, and the inhabitants were often immersed in total darkness, especially during wartime. Because of this, torches of almost any type were greatly appreciated and cherished.

Those issued to the troops were typically fitted with two Perspex filter for signaling in Red and Green as well as a quick-release button for signaling in Morse Code. Some specimens, including this one, had a lid to project the light down onto the ground to avoid being seen by allied soldiers. All of them were fitted with leather flaps for hanging on a tunic and coat button.

IMA was fortunate to recover just a handful of unissued NOS Pertrix Model 685-21960 lampen flashlights. Each comes complete with a red and green filter, Morse code button and spare bulb. We tested a few with D sized batter and all of the examples functioned! However, we will not guarantee functionality, though there is no reason why they shouldn’t work or be a easy repair to make it function. The light is actually impressively bright and threw a beam over 80’ in our dark warehouse. Perfect for use in camping trips, back of you car, or just a fantastic collectible that will appreciate in value over the coming years.

Exact date of manufacture is unknown, but we strongly suspect they are post war, however, they very closely resemble WWII models and were manufactured by Pertrix one of the leading World War Two German Wehrmacht flashlight makers.

Very few available, batteries not included.

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