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German WWII Panzerfaust Klein 30M Inert Rocket with Launcher - Inert

Item Description

New Made Item: Display Only, this launcher is totally inert and cannot be converted to an explosive device. It is in full compliance with guidelines provide by the BATF. Not Available for export.

Introduced in 1943, the Panzerfaust Klein (Translated literally to mean: Tank Fist Small) was a forerunner of the Panzerfaust Gross (Tank Fist Large) or Panzerfaust 60m rocket. This ingenious throw away Rocket and Launcher was one of AH's last ditch weapons adopted by the NSDAPs to try and repel the invading Allies on both the Eastern and Western fronts. "Most authors agree that production of the Panzerfaust Klein was halted somewhere in early 1944, due to its insufficient penetration of armor and replaced by the larger model."

Our inert display reproduction faithfully replicates this classic weapon but none of the internal working parts are included. Each Rocket comes in full size steel construction and is externally accurate including the flexible stabilizing fins. It even has the stuck on replicated instruction label, as issued on the originals.

Includes all steel launcher with IMA's newly designed, based on an original sample, correct Panzerfaust Klein trigger assembly (which is different than the 60M Trigger Assembly). Our trigger assembly has the correct leaf sight and pull pin. For added authenticity, both Rocket and Launcher are now offered in the correct German WW2 Ordinance Tan or "Gelbbraun" color with red stencil on launcher which reads "Vorsicht! Starker Feuerstrahl!". We have purposely painted this set to resemble a genuine Panzerfaust, meaning the paint is not and should not provide 100% smooth coverage, these are intended to look like the REAL THING based on our original sample.

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