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German WWII Model 1938 Luftwaffe Paratrooper Helmet - Excellent Fake

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Item Description

New Made Item: Only One Available. This very deceiving aged reproduction Fallschirmjäger helmet nearly fooled us. It came to us as part of a larger deal, the collector had purchased it from an auction house in California and it was sold to him as an original. The auction house tag was still on the helmet when we got it! However, it is not a genuine WW2 produced helmet, it is a very good fake which has been intentionally aged in order to deceive the untrained eye. Tell tale ways to know this is not a genuine helmet:

- Shell is flexible when squeezed at the ears inward. A genuine shell would be far more rigid.

- Liner is in very good condition compared to the metal fittings which were exposed to moisture and heat in order to create corrosion.

- Vibrant orange surface rust in many areas.

- Evidence of being buried in the earth to speed corrosion.

- Leather stitching is almost perfectly in tact and solid, yet the leather itself appears much older and more worn than the stitching.

- Liner pads still very supple when compared to the apparent age of the rest of the helmet.


Overall its a very well done helmet and is offered at a fraction of the cost of an original. It will make an excellent display piece for a collector on a budget.


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