German WWII MG34/42 Transport Frame with Basket Belt Carrier Drums in Postwar Apple Green

Item Description

Original Item: We are down to the very last crate, and then these will be gone! Original WW2 issue MG 34 Basket Carrier containing two (2) ammunition baskets. Each carrier is in the original Grey Black paint and in most cases show WW2 Markings (to ensure that you get a marked carrier; please choose the special hand select option and write WW2 Marked Carrier).

The Baskets have been repainted in the standard postwar apple green color. The baskets may bear markings but generally the thick postwar paint has obscured any legible manufacturer codes or dates (we cannot honor requests for WW2 marked baskets).

These sets are the very last we have after ten years of continuous sales with NO MORE ON THE HORIZON. Last call, Grey/Black Carrying frame with two apple green baskets. This is the end of an era, in short order these will be gone and the market prices will rise dramatically. Don’t be sorry later, Act now!

7.92mm Ammunition Belts not included but are available separately.

This is nothing more than a transit frame and a pair of carry drums these are NOT considered magazines and therefore is not prohibited by law in high capacity magazine banned states.

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