German WWII Mauser 98k Grenade Launcher Set

Item Description

Original Item: A very scarce accessory set for the K98 rifle, consisting of Grenade launcher, sight, spanner and leather case. The launcher retains its original finish and has a manufacturer stamping and the screws turn nicely. The case has original strap and all internal fittings, with manufacturer code and waffenamt. The spanner fits the sight nicely and is stamped adb with G.Gr.Ger. The hard to find rear site is complete and even has an intact original spirit level. This is a very hard to find set for the Kar98k.

As of 1942, an attachable rifle grenade launcher called the "Gewehrgranatengerät" or "Schießbecher" (shooting cup) was introduced that was developed based on rifle grenade launcher models designed during World War I. The 30 mm Schießbecher cup-type rifle grenade launcher could be mounted on any Karabiner 98k and was intended to replace all previous rifle grenade launcher models.

The rifle grenade launcher could be used against infantry, fortifications and light armored vehicles up to a range of 280 m (306 yd). For these differing tasks several specialized grenades with accompanying special propelling cartridges were developed for the 1,450,113 produced Schießbecher rifle grenade launchers.

The rifle grenade propelling cartridges fired a wooden projectile through the barrel to the rifle grenade that upon impact automatically primed the rifle grenade. The Schießbecher could also be mounted on the Karabiner 98a, G98/40, StG44 and FG42.

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