German WWII Luftwaffe MG 15 Air Cooled Parts Set with Saddle Drum Magazine

Item Description

Original Item: Over a decade ago IMA purchased approximately 600 genuine German MG 15 Parts Sets, both in Air cooled and Water cooled configurations. These have now just about been all sold off now as either parts sets or display guns, but we saved the very best for last.

We have just a handful of the these Luftwaffe MG 15 parts kits, every air cooled parts set is comprised of the following:

• Bakelite pistol grip assembly including and Cover.
• Bolt with firing pin and firing pin holder
• Rcoil spring
• Complete bolt carrier with rollers in place
• Outer action casing with safety assembly.
• Ventilated jacket with front castellated barrel nut enclosing the recoil booster
• A virtually new 7.92mm air cooled MG 15 barrel with NSDAP markings
• Original MG 15 trommel saddle drum 75 round magazine with canvas carry strap.
• Aluminum Ventilated Jacket Bracket

Very few available.

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