German WWII Luftwaffe MG 15 Air Cooled Display Machine Gun

Item Description

Original Item: Only One Available. Over a decade ago IMA purchased approximately 600 genuine German MG 15 Parts Sets, both in air-cooled and water cooled configurations. These have now just about been all sold off now as either parts sets or display guns, but we saved the very best for last.

Constructed from original German air-cooled parts on our all steel BATF approved non-operational display receiver. The Whole Works comes complete with front/rear sights, and the infantry conversion set of MG15/MG34 bipod, ventilated barrel jacket bracket, detachable buttstock, and a 75 round saddle drum magazine. This is simply our best MG 15 display gun and one of our very last.

A truly superior parts set including built into an amazingly nice display gun with all the bells and whistles!

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