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German WWII Flare Gun Pistol Holster with Cleaning Rod

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New Made Item: There were two basic models of Flare Pistol of German origin were used by German Forces in WW2: The first was a Model 28 introduced by Walther, firstly in Steel and by the mid 1930s in Aluminum. This was then followed by the Leuchpistole 42 which was also of aluminum construction. A standard all leather black holster was introduced for the Model 28 and was continued as it also accepted the Model 42. We have replicated these rare holsters, just as the originals, in quality black leather with white stitching. Each holster has two belt loops on the rear together with two D rings for use with a shoulder strap (not included). The holster flap closes over a Goalpost fixture through which a leather securing strap is located. Included on the front of the holster is the cleaning rod attachment buckle and cup into which a special cleaning rod can be held securely.

A fine reproduction of a rare German WWII holster which also bears replicated maker's codes and WW2 dates for added authenticity. Also Inclded is: New Made Item: Really hard to find today are the Cleaning Rods for the WW2 German Flare Gun Pistol. Designed to be attached in a special pocket and buckle on the side of the leather holster these are invariably missing. Of all steel construction having "Loop" Handle and substantial cleaning "Drum" with bolt and washer to secure the cleaning patches these go nicely with our Reproduction WW2 German Signal Pistol Holsters. Complete your set.

Flare Gun NOT included.

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