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German WWI Schutzschild Sniper Face Shield - High Quality Aluminum Reproduction

Item Description

New Made Item: Copied directly from an original sample in a private collection, this is a quality aluminum reproduction of the rare German WWI Schutzschild Sniper Face Shield. After the outbreak of the First World War in Europe, all participating countries quickly began to realize the importance of protection for their troops in the field, which had not been seen since the emergence of the long bow many centuries prior. Armor was again thought to hold an untested significance as a countermeasure for modern weaponry and its devastating effects.

In 1915 Germany produced a number of experimental prototype protective helmets and items of armor, some of which, after trials, were proven too cumbersome for battlefield conditions. These did not reach mass production levels of manufacture, and the Schutzschild is thought to be one such item. Not much information has survived on this piece of equipment, other than an early 1928 published capture report giving its dimensions and weight. Taking the date of this report into consideration, it is thought by historians that the Schutzschild was produced around mid to late 1915, before the emergence of the M-16 steel helmet.

Originals are nearly impossible to find, and command a very high price, making it very difficult for collectors to acquire. This is a very high quality reproduction Schutzschild made of high grade cast aluminum in the United Kingdom. These are hand finished, making these extremely high quality, while also weighing significantly less than an original. These weigh about 5 lbs, so one can only imagine how much a steel original weighs.

Perfect for a WWI Battle re-enactor or a collector!

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