German WWI Original Ersatz Bayonet w/ Unrecorded Stud: EB49

Item Description

100% Original Item: One Only! This (EB49) bayonet is scarce anyway; but here is a variation totally unknown with the plausible explanation to explain it's adoption. This bayonet is totally standard and has the fullered blade bearing the proof mark on the upper rear side directly in front of the "horse shoe" cross guard. It retains its nine diagonal grooves on the steel hilt to simulate the Gew 98 and 98/05 models, and comes complete with its unmarked plain all steel scabbard. HOWEVER this bayonet has an additional stud on the right hand side of the cross guard with a hole in it pointing in the direction of the blade. This bayonet was found about 12 months prior to J. Anthony Carter's death and upon examination he stated that he had never seen such a variety before and he concluded that this was a mounting through which a small piece of wire could be secured that could bind the scabbard frog stud to the bayonet hilt for use in bayonet practice, Thereby securing the scabbard from flying off and injury resulting. Plainly original in appearance, the bayonet was found in a shipment of Government Surplus so was not the creation of some imaginative collector. A possibly unique specimen of what must have been an exceedingly rare production.

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