German WWI Maxim MG 08 Ammunition Belt Loader & Winder

Item Description

Original Item: Just uncovered a small case of these very rare Original WW1 Belt Loaders for use with the MG08 and MG 08/15 Maxim Machine Gun. Each fully marked as cast into the steel body: DEUTSCHE WAFFEN UND MUNITIONS FABRIKEN, BERLIN. D.R.P. No.91227. Each loader comes with large G clamp for attachment to work bench and complete with ammunition-hopper and winder. The stretcher and unloading accessory is not included but available separately (as we have just a handful of them). These loaders appear complete as shown on page 190 of "The Devil's Paintbrush" by Dolph Goldsmith. Although cycling and appearing to operate we cannot guarantee successful belt loading so we are offering these as collector items only. Very rare in today's market, almost 100 years of age!

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