German WW2 ZB26 & ZB30 Antiaircraft Front Spider Sight

Item Description

Original Item: In WW2, one of the taskings of the light machine gun was to provide antiaircraft fire, and most countries provided special sights for this purpose. The front sight of the pair was typically a spider sight, so-called because of its resemblance to a spider web. The rear AA sight may be a separate device that attaches to the receiver, or it may simply be the regular rear sight, set at an assigned elevation angle for use with the front spider.

When Germany took over Czechoslovakia at the beginning of the Second World War, it acquired large stocks of all models of the fine Czechoslovakian machine guns, including accessories such as tripods and AA sights. Numerous period photographs show the Czech guns in use by German troops, and German commentaries testify to how well-liked these guns were.

IMA is offering the front spider sight alone for ZB display guns that do not have the socket on the receiver for the rear AA sight. Before ordering, confirm that your ZB has the little loop socket about midway along the barrel. Check the photos to see what the loop looks like. Even without the rear AA sight, the spider sight makes an impressive display.

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