German WW2 Style Red Smoke Flare: Inert (Dummy)

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Original Item: Dummy German red smoke flares made from fired flare cartridge cases.  The cases are marked:

   Signalpatrone [signal cartridge]

   Rauch rot [smoke red]


These dummy red smoke flares were assembled from empty post-war German flare cartridges that are identical to those used in WW2.  They are totally inert.  The caliber is the standard 26.5 mm, and the overall length is 83 mm.  Most are marked Signalpatrone rauch rot, meaning signal cartridge, red smoke.  The mouth of the case has been closed with a red disk.  A red band about 10-mm wide encircles the case near the base.  These dummy flare cartridges make an excellent display item to go with any German flare pistol

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