German WW2 Stick Grenade Booby Trap Steel Mount

Item Description

Original Item: Rusted but never used. Very limited quantity that was apparently found in storage in northern France and a new arrival at IMA. These are ratchet catch closing Steel Collars welded to pointed and predrilled steel mounting bar intended to be nailed to a tree, gate post, or anywhere that could conceal a potato masher grenade. Insert the shaft into the collar then secured the stick grenade while a wire was attached to the firing cord. Once set, the idea was that the wire would be tripped, kicked, gate opened thereby setting off the grenade to the great disappointment of whoever triggered the booby trap. Clearly this was an accessory that was only used once hence never seen on the surplus market. Fascinating and clearly rare comes rusted but very solid with no discernible markings. Very few available.Steel mount only, stick grenade available separately.

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