German WW2 MG34 Matching Serial Number Parts Set / Display Gun with Transit Chest: Museum Grade

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is truly amazing. It belongs in a museum.

All part have matching serial numbers, no spare, replacements or wartime substitutes; this MG is in virtually brand new un-issued mint condition. All lmost certainly the very best condition MG34 parts set on the market today or perhaps since 1945. IMA had a similar parts set on offer 5 years ago for $10,000. It sold within 10 days of being listed on our website, however, this set is in even better condition!

Released in the 1970s from military stores (in Portugal) this is one of just 500 MG 34 LMGs produced by NSDAP Germany and delivered to Portugal in early 1944. Portugal had adopted the MG 34 in 1940 designating it the M/940 but re-designated it the M/944 when this shipment arrived.

Straight off the NSDAP Production line in Bruno each gun was "dot" Coded (Waffenwerke Brunn A.G. of Brno.) and marked: Konstruktion Rheinmetal-Borsig, together with production date of 1943 and individual MG contract delivery number, this one being #449. All this information is on the top cover together with the subcontracting maker code of "brp" (Mannesmann-Rohrenwerke A.G. of Dusselforf) and the Serial number #7703b.

This weapon was delivered in the original perfect condition wood transit chest, fully marked with matching serial number (#7703b) and model designation. Included in the interior is the original Portuguese Army issue "Log Book(marked M/940)" showing with date entry when each of the FIVE (matching serial numbered barrels all with a suffix 1-5), were test fired and how many rounds. The barrel log shows only three separate entries with the total number of shots fired through each barrel to be only 310 discharges total! Every spare barrel is stored in a virtually un-issued condition steel barrel carrier complete with sling. Every barrel carrier also bears the serial number of the barrel it encloses.

The transit chest has individual compartments for the bipod and the bakelite butt stock to so each could be stowed safely and securely. The MG has a supporting frame so it is held stationary whilst being transported. Also included, in a custom compartment, is a dark leather armourer kit comprising (again marked #7703b) of various tools, broken shell extractor, oil bottle, spare matching serial numbered bolt suffixed #2 (two complete unissued bolts included), hot barrel pad, original leather sling, canvas and leather action cover, two spare main springs and rubber muzzle cover.

Again, every serial numbered part of this MG 34 Parts Set matches, all read #7703b including the bakelite butt stock. In virtually brand new condition this offering is truly outstanding. The set comes with just the rear and nose portion of the original 7703b receiver included, however we also include a fully inert display stripped receiver made from original MG 34 components, obviously from another gun, should the weapon need to be assembled and put on Display. So you can use it as a parts set for a semi-auto build or have perhaps the finest MG34 display gun in the world.

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