German WW1 MG Ammunition Can With Skull & Crossed Bones (One Only)

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Original Item: One Only! We have NEVER seen anything like this before. This ammunition can has the riveted construction of the WW 1 era. The manufacturer?s logo consists of three circles in a vertical arrangement. The top circle contains a K, the middle circle contains a large M, and the bottom circle appears to contain an F. To the right of the manufacturer?s logo is a small death?s head symbol, measuring about 10 mm x 10 mm. The skull is facing diagonally to the left of the viewer. Behind the skull are crossed bones, and in contact with the top of the skull is a cross. This death?s head symbol is identical in angle and appearance to that used as the badge of the famous Death?s Head Hussars of Prussia. The Death?s Head Hussars was the training ground for some of Imperial Germany?s greatest generals. Kronprinz Wilhelm, Kaiser Wilhelm?s son, was often seen with this large badge on his headgear during the First World War.

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