German MP 40 WWII Display Machine Pistol: Rare

Item Description

Original Item: One only, just received from a museum quality private collection. The German MP 40 machine pistol revolutionized submachine gun design at the outbreak of WW 2.  It is probably the most recognized submachine gun from that war, with the possible exception of the Thompson.  The MP 40 utilized extensive stampings (originally developed for small arms with the French CSRG light machine gun of WW 1) and plastic components, along with a folding stock that has been copied extensively by many firearm designs, including the Kalashnikov series of assault rifles.  This display gun is a must have for any collection of WW 2 small arms.  This example has a solid aluminum receiver, with a machined cocking handle slot and original German cocking handle safety.  This gun is supplied with an original MP 40 leather sling and NSDAP-marked magazine. Additional accessories are available from IMA. For more pictures contact

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