German MP 40 Original WW2 Leather Sling

Item Description

Original Item: For those of you who may remember, back in 1995 IMA imported several hundred original WW2 MP40 SMG Parts Sets and offered them for sale at $225 per set. Well, in the 15 years that have passed, things have certainly changed! Recently, we uncovered a cardboard carton of some of the original slings that we got with those parts sets. These original German WW2 MP40 slings still bear German WW2 markings (faint but present) and are complete with, leather keeper, steel stud and buckle. In used, but good to very good condition, this is the real thing. What every original MP40 deservers! IMA also offers a new made replica MP-40 sling for $19.95. Sling only, original and new made Mp40 display guns are available separately.

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