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German MP 40 New Made Display Gun- Metal and Plastic

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New Made Item: Simply put, this is the very best replica "non-gun" MP40 available anywhere. It doesn't shoot but it works! This is a very impressive reproduction of the Classic German WW2 Sub Machine Gun of history and legend. Just about indistinguishable from the real thing, as seen with comparison photos on our website.

Again, this is an all-metal construction MP-40. This is NOT the mostly plastic MP-40 replica that has been floating around the market for years; this is A BRAND NEW MODEL GUN! The majority of the display gun is metal, while the parts that were bakelite on the original MP40, the pistol grip and lower receiver, are plastic. Working Bolt and trigger, fully functional folding stock, removable magazine (magazine has no internal spring). Will look stunning with our reproduction MP 40 Sling (Item AGG4014).

So go ahead, operate the bolt, cock the weapon, change the magazine, fold out the stock and pull the trigger; the bolt flies home! Even the weight is accurate at 8 pounds. This is a HIGH QUALITY item and it is available at a fabulously reasonable price.


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