German MP 38 SMG Lower Frame Assembly: One Only

Item Description

Original Item: One Only. This is what could be referred to as "Hen's Teeth"; A complete lower assembly for the supremely scarce MP 38 SMG.  Serial number 5490 on both steel rear receiver housing and the Aluminum Trigger Guard Assembly this assembly is complete with folding shoulder stock, undamaged body plastic (Bakelite), grips and all trigger parts etc, ready to install. Clearly marked "MP 38? and coded "ayf" (code for: "ERMA" , B.Geipel, G.m.b.H Waffenfabrik, Zietenstrasse 54, Erfurt.)  on the steel receiver housing this is an extraordinary spare part to become available on the Collectors market. In good/very good condition and bearing multiple waffen amt markings.

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