German MP 38 Display SMG: Very Rare (One Only)

Item Description

Original Item: One only. Amongst our discovery of Original German MP 40 Parts Sets was just one MP 38 with the correct MP 38 features of Aluminum Pistol grip frame, correct rear receiver housing well marked (Made by ERMA as per the "ayf" Code), "holed" magazine housing and now with wonderful simulated MP 38 "FLUTED" display Receiver finished to compliment the Parts Set and fitted with the MP 38 upgraded "push/pull" safety bolt handle. Barrel internally de-milled (not visibly obvious) conforms to current US Importation requirements.

Always extremely rare and hard to find, this is possibly a final opportunity to add an original MP 38 to your Collection. Coming with an original leather sling and magazine. Not available for export.

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