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German MP 34(o) Display SMG with Accessory Set & Magazines

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Original Item: Just Rediscovered; Steyr Solothurn MP 34 (o) dummy guns found in a storage crate in the back of IMA! Just five (11-24-09 2 only remain) of these fabulous Inert Display Sub Machine Guns built from Original Parts on a virtually hidden solid aluminum display receiver and non-functional barrel. Produced after 1938 when Nazi Germany "annexed" Austria these examples were produced in 1940/41 (showing dates) and bear German WW2 Markings. Issued in 9mm parabellum these were used by countless German troops and to other Nations "friendly" with the Nazis. The IMA examples were found in Portugal. Wonderfully constructed with prewar quality at Steyr in Austria, ventilated barrel jacket with built in magazine loader in the Magazine Housing complete with wood butt stock assembly. Each weapon comes with three Magazines in original leather belt pouch and Leather Shoulder Pouch containing full cleaning kit with take-down tools. These were long gone from IMA more than 5 years ago after the original release from Portugal in the early 1990?s. They won?t last long!

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