German Military 18th Century Flintlock Jeager Rifle with Set Trigger

Item Description

Original Item: Only one available. Flintlock Rifles were used by German Hessian Troops of King George III"s occupying armies during the American War of Independence of the 1770s that was actually conclude after the disastrous British campaign of 1812. The British purchased many Germans Jeager Rifles for their own troops, and eventually adopted the Baker Rifle in 1801 having seen the effect these weapons had in battle. Form that point rifled weapons were here to stay.

This is an exceptionally fine German made Military Jeager Rifle of the later 18th century marked "Potsdam" on the lock plate. The rifle is full stocked with brass mounts and actually comes with an original British made Baker bayonet signed "OSBORN". The rifle is fitted with a Set Trigger for greater accuracy and a wood Patch Box to the Butt. It retains the original heavy duty Ram Rod and multi leaf back sight. In overall very good cleaned condition.

The weapon is fitted with a Flintlock Cock of British style, which, together with the Baker Bayonet, suggests it saw service inside the British Army. The Brass Butt Plate however, bears a German Regimental Marking and an 1824 Inventory date indicating that it was returned to German service probably after the battle of Waterloo in 1815.

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