German MG08 WWI Maxim MG08 Double Barrel Carrier: Steel Construction

Item Description

Original Item: During WW1 the standard issue for every MG08 Machine Gun machine gun was four spare. However, with the chaos of trench warfare it was quickly realized that great numbers of additional barrels were required.

To facilitate storage and delivery of these additional barrels they were transported to the front lines in custom made high quality carriers. These carriers, each able to contain 2 barrels each, were purchased by IMA in Turkey in 1994 together with 166 German western front MG08 water cooled Machine guns which the Allies had supplied to Turkey in 1919.

The barrel carriers were issued in two varieties, leather covered wood with a wooden liner sleeve and steel with wooden inner liner sleeve. Steel carriers also have the facility to accommodate a steel cleaning rod, now absent, accessible from the bottom of the carrier in an independent compartment.

All are carriers are original WWI issue and were cataloged by Dolph Goldsmith, author of "The Devil's Paintbrush" when the shipment was first received. These have been stored by IMA for the last 15 years and only recently rediscovered. Condition is used but in some cases near excellent so we suggest the special hand select option. However, please understand that these are nearly 100 years old western front issue and all show some use and storage wear with occasional straps or clasps needing minor repair or attention. Spare barrels are not included but will be available separately. This is the Steel constructed MG08 double barrel carrier. The Leather & Wood construction is not included but available separately.

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